The Baliem Valley is a lush and fertile valley, surrounded on all sides by towering peaks of 2,500- 3,000 meters. It has been farmed for 9,000 years but wasn't discovered by Westerners until 1938. It was once dubbed "Shangri La". There are three main tribes inhabiting the Baliem Valley area: The Dani at the base of the mountains, the Lani to the west and the Yali in the southeast. Each tribe has a distinctly different culture. One sure way to tell them apart is the unique style of koteka, or penis gourd, that is worn by the males in each of these tribes. Each tribe cultivates a different gourd, grown and harvested by men, to produce a different style koteka.

The Dani wear a long, thin Koteka, the Lani sport a medium sized, wide cannon-like gourd, and the Yali prefer the longest of them all. Entering the Dani territory is a journey into an alternate reality. The inevitable pig-feast on arrival is an engrossing 4-5 hour rite of passage into their unique culture. The setting is a simple, traditional, tribal compound; transformed by the color and intensity of the greased and painted Dani in full ceremonial regalia. The elaborate festival is a deeply spiritual experience to witness. Chief Yali will warmly greet us; our adoptive father, legendary amongst the Dani for his kindness, generosity and skill at co-operation and diplomacy in the art of avoiding conflict. Meeting Chief Yali is a unique opportunity and you'll have a greater appreciation of this honor as you receive the full measure of Dani hospitality.

The traditional Dani tribal pig feast at Chief Yali's village is truly one of the highlights of the tour. The Dani people in Chief Yali's compound will stage a "mock battle", followed by ceremony at his family compound. They will have prepared a pig to be cooked in a traditional earth oven filled with stones that have been heated in an open fire. The hot stones are placed into a hole in the ground along with sweet potatoes and vegetables. More hot stones are placed on top and then the pig goes in on top of that. Finally, it's covered with grass and held in place with long rattan vines. An hour later it's opened and the feast begins.

Throughout the compound, all are dressed in traditional costume. The men wear koteka and the women dress in grass skirts. The men's faces are painted; beautiful headdresses made of exotic feathers adorn their heads. We are invited to enter the wives houses; the cooking house where each of Chief Yali's four wives have their own place for cooking. The highlight of the evening is a visit to the Honai (men's house). Chief Yali and rest of the men sing traditional songs, which are slowly translated as the narrative and the evening transpire.


Day 01 : Pick up service in Wamena Airport- Free and Easy
Pick up and transfer to the hotel, Free and easy, Overnight

Day 02 : Salt Spring-Kurulu Mummy-Traditional Dani Hamlet
In the morning, one-hour trip to Jiwikia, in the middle of the Baliem Valley. Start of a one-hour uphill hike (approx. 1,000 feet altitude difference) through stunning mountain rainforest to the traditional salt spring of the Dani tribe. Local women dressed in traditional tribal clothes will accompany us and show us their ancestral salt production techniques.After the walk down we will take a picnic lunch at the foot of the mountain. We will then walk to the nearby Kurulu village where you can admire the ancient mummy of the famous Dugum clan. Afterwards, the women show us how they process the brine they extracted from the spring. We will see more quaint and picturesque Dani homesteads. Wherever we go, friendly Papuans offers their arts and craft, weapons, and all kinds of curiosities for sale. Return to the resort in the afternoon

Day 03 : Trekking South Baliem-Gorge
In the morning we drive to the southern Baliem-Valley. The road ends in a village called Sogogmo, about 3 km before Kurima. Our walking tour along the powerful Baliem-River begins here. First of all a suspension bridge has to be crossed. After that the tour goes on through romantic Dani settlements with terraced fields and wild groves of sugar-cane . All the time we have a wonderful view over the river and the narrow valley. In the early afternoon we reach the church of Seinma where we have lunch surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Before we reach Kurima a suspension bridge has to be crossed again. And before we reach our bus some small side valleys have to be passed. Today one will find a lot of unique photo motives. In the late afternoon we reach the Hotel.

Day 04: Baliem Valley Festival
Transfer to the festival showground in Wosilimo/ Kurulu district.

Big opening ceremony Planned program (09.00 - 16.00):
1. Performance tribal war
2. Competitive games between children from Puradan
3. Competitive games between children from Sikoko
4. Attraction of the day: Feast with traditional cooking
5. Performance of traditional dances
6. Competition in archery
7. Competition in javelin
8. Competition in manufacturing traditional craftsmanship
9. Competition in playing the traditional jaw harp

In the afternoon back to the Hotel.

Day 05: Baliem Valley Festival
Transfer to the festival showground in Wosilimo/ Kurulu district.

Planned program (09.00 – 16.00):
1. Performance tribal war
2. Performance of traditional dances
3. Competition in manufacturing traditional craftsmanship
4. Competition pig race
5. Competition in javelin
6. Competition in archery
7. Attraction of the day: Feast with traditional cooking
8. Competition in playing the traditional jaw harp
9. Competitive games between children from Puradan
10. Competitive games between children from Sikoko In the afternoon

back to the Hotel.

Day 06: Baliem Valley Festival
Drive to Festival-Ground in Wamena.

Planned itinerary:
10.00h – 13.00h Decorated Vehicle Parade and Carnival In the afternoon back to the resort.

Day 07: Wamena Airport-Next Destination
After breakfast, transfer back to the airport for your flight back to Jayapura/Bali

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- Passport has to be valid minimum 6 months at date of entry Indonesia
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