Many people may only know Bali Island as a tourist destination with a diverse area east of charm and exotica. Now, you should not miss to enjoy the beauty and charm of one of the tourist destinations in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat, precisely in Sumbawa. There is a small island, Kenawa Island, which is located in West Sumbawa regency. Not too many people have heard the name of the small island.

Uninhabited gorgeous small island, located in Alas Strait just 15 minutes by boat from the fisherman village of Poto Tano, this is such a pretty spot that welcoming your visit to the island of Sumbawa

The location of this island is really easy to access, as it is close to the main harbor of Poto Tano where your ferry from Lombok island landed and anchored.
The island offers you the beauty of prairie and a spectacular sight from the top of its hill

Kenawa island is also a fabulous place to see the amazing sunset and sunrise and Rinjani mountain will be a beautiful backdrop during the sunset time.

Kenawa island, very quiet island (no population) located at the western of Sumbawa island (between Lombok and Sumbawa), it has beautiful beach, white sand, colorful coral and fishes, savanna view. Its one of the best island for snorkeling and relaxing.

For those of you who have plans to make a trip, there is nothing wrong if you choose the Kenawa Island as one tourist destination in this holiday. Although the island is regarded as a small island, there are a lot of wealth and exotic charm that will not make you regret having visited there. Itineraries can be taken to reach the island begins with boarding the ferry from Kayangan Port that is located in East Lombok. The trip by ferry takes about 1 to 2 hours to get to Poto Tano Port that is located in West Sumbawa. You will see how beautiful the Poto Tano Port. When you imagine a port that is dirty, full of hustle and noisy, you would be wrong. This port offers a very beautiful view with all the aesthetic and natural charms. You can see the clear blue seawater.

A vast plain on the small island is about 15 hectares and there is a small hill in the middle. The island is an uninhabited island and yet there is electricity and clean water. For those of you who want a taste of life in the wild, a camping trip in the island may be an option that is quite interesting because you will feel the sensation and experience a truly different from your everyday life. When night falls, you can enjoy the beautiful expanse of stars in a dark sky. The beauty of the sunrise on the island is also very amazing. You can enjoy the beauty and wealth of the sea by snorkelling. Kenawa Island can bring you into a fantasy life that is so close to nature. It could be a small heaven in one corner of Indonesia so fascinating with all the wealth and natural beauty.

The journey with the small boat only takes 15 minutes. Kenawa island is really close to Poto Tano port, the port of Sumbawa Barat. Kenawa island is a part of Gili Balu’ district in Poto Tano Village – Sumbawa Barat, Indonesia. Besides Kenawa Island, there are seven other islands close to Poto Tano. Those islands are: Kalong, Nano, Mandiki, Paserang, Kambing, Belang and Ular.

Bungin Island
8 hectares with an area inhabited more than 2800 people, Bungin could be the world's most populous island. The history, ethics of the fishing population, and the story of the goats in the paper to complete a unique coral island is. "You certainly attracted to the story because there Goat eating paper?. Only in Bungin you can view it directly, and trust, "so said Indra, a village of Alas, Sumbawa District. The question almost always asked people there to ask people outside the island Bungin fatigued, and want to go to the island. Bungin islands located in the sea of Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Precisely in the northern island of Sumbawa. Administratively Bungin included in the District Alas.

Now, the island Bungin must not cross over with the boat, use a motorcycle or a car can also be because the embankment is made of fabric that connects Bungin reef with the mainland. Stories about the Goat eating paper, are very attached to the image Bungin Island. Sounds really strange. But the scenery is something to be common for people Bungin. Bungin goat in the food have no choice other than waste paper and cloth used. The texture of the rocks of the island is not possible for plants to grow, although the only grass.

Every visitor who came there to see the goats eat paper, dozens of elementary school age children will be happy to give instructions. They roll in search of paper or carton to be used on the goat herd.

Although only survive with the food waste paper and cloth used, in the goat population Bungin enough. -

Since 2002, the island has become Bungin village with three definitive Hamlet, in the area of District Alas. The population of the area and the island is possible. Official records in the Office of the Village Bungin mention, number of residents at this time to reach the Head of Family 609 of Life 2826. "This island may be the only one most populous island, and the only island that the width continues to increase," said Sopian, the Village Head Island Bungin. According to him, when measured back in 2002, the island knowledgeable about 6 hectares, but now the island is to be knowledgeable about 8 hectares. Bungin islands are very dense population. Home residents are very structured meetings, with the distance between the house only about 1.5 meters

House construction is typical Bungin houses, covering a broad shown evenly island. Because the solid, there are some houses that meet the roof. Customary law on marriage Bungin residents, the reason that makes Island Bungin still able to accommodate the growing number of residents. Because in the customary law, the pair set teenagers who want to marry must build their own location to establish their homes. - See more at:

Day 01: Airport/Senggigi-Labuan Lombok-Labuan Tano Sumbawa-Kenawa Island Camping
Pick up at Lombok International Airport or Senggigi, Directly transfer to Kenawa Island of West Sumbawa via Labuan Lombok, take a ferry which is takes 1.5 hours and upon arrive in Labuan Tano, We drop you with the local boat to Kenawa island and camping ( L. D )

Day 02: Kenawa Island Snorkeling-Alas-Bungin Island-Alas
Half day snorkeling on the island of Kenawa, before lunch time, back to Poto Tano and with the car drive to Alas and lunch, after lunch we check in at the local non star hotel/basic and visit Bungin island till sunset, Drive back to your hotel and dinner, Overnight.

Day 03: Alas-Labuan Tano-Labuan Lombok-Senggigi/Mataram
After breakfast, visit local market and leave Alas and with local boat back to Labuan Tano and with the ferry to Labuan Lombok and transfer back to Senggigi or Mataram ( B. L )

End of services

Rate: USD 300/person/twin share, Minimum 2 person

Price included:

- All accommodation based on twin share
- Pick up and transfer the airports - All Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner )
- English Speaking Guide
- Snorkeling tours with equipments
- AC Vehicle
- Refreshment
- Village Tours
- Entrance Fees
- Tours as per itineraries
- Entrance and Conservation Fees

Price Excluded:
- Return air tickets
- Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
- Tipping
- Laundry
- Any personal expenses